Nostalgie Beach Festival @ Bredene (B) .Aug.09.2015

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Nostalgie Beach Festival  @ Bredene (B) .Aug.09.2015



For the second time in a row the “Nostalgie Beach Festival “was held in Bredene (B).  After the huge success of the last year’s first edition, the organisation managed to get some nice bands together for the 2015 Edition.

There were two stages where alternating bands of the 80s and 90s were performing. The location was just outside the city centre within walking distance of the many free parking spaces down the main road. The only downside is that this main road is at the coast. So many daytime tourists are parking here as well. The weather was ideal for the festival , so the number of visitors is going quickly over 15000.

There are 2 stages: The Main stage and the Marquee stage.

Our first goal is the Marquee stage where Coco Jr. introduces the first Artist.  Coco Jr is doing that with some musical introductions, jokes and singing. He is truly a top entertainer. During the day he is going to do this with every artist who is performing on the Marquee stage. A real addition to the whole . Coco jr (presenter)Coco jr (presenter)

Now it’s time for the first band: LIMAHL.  If you don’t know Limahl, you certainly know KAJAGOOGOO. Well…that’s him. A good choice to have an opening act like this. Many hits from the Eighties, a very good performance and interaction with the Public. At 1 in the early  afternoon and with already many people on the Festival Site, the organisation could not choose for a better opening act. Limahl showed an autographed picture from himself from the eighties with his typical hair and gives it to someone in the audience. His hits “Never ending story'”, “Too Shy “and “ooh to be ah” are be sung en masse by the audience. To honour his breakthrough with help from DURAN DURAN, he is singing their hit “RIO”.  A very good performance and a very good start of the day.

Limahl (Kajagoogoo)Limahl (Kajagoogoo) Limahl (Kajagoogoo)Limahl (Kajagoogoo)











LONDON BEAT is the next one in line on the same Stage. All three members are dressed in white. They are starting off with a big thanks to the Belgium and Dutch people for reaching the top of the hotlists in 26 Countries with hits like :'I've been thinking about you. ", you bring un the sun” and ”a better love”. It is a short appearance but with the song “you bring un the Sun “they were totally right. Sunny happy people all over the place J

LondonbeatLondonbeat LondonbeatLondonbeat











For the first time today we are going to see a performance on the Main stage. The rest of the day “Walter Grootaers” is doing the announcements on this stage.

Walter Grootaers (presenter)Walter Grootaers (presenter) He is kicking off with the announcement of the legendary “The Blockheads”. Better known as the backing band for the deceased “Ian Dury”. We are hearing : "Sex & drugs & rock & roll", “I want to be straight “,”what a waste”',”Spasticus Autisticus “ and of course the massive number one hit: “ Hit me with your rhythm stick “.

The BlockheadsThe Blockheads The BlockheadsThe Blockheads











The Gibson Brothers  from Martinique know what to do with the Caribbean moves. Driven by their moves,  the public participates en masse. Some better than the other, but who cares. It’s Summertime and everything is allowed.  Especially on this festival. People from all ages are present. From youngsters who hare joining their first concert, to elderly people who are as fit as those youngsters.  The Sun is shining and with “Que sera mi Vida”  and  ‘Cuba” it’s hard to stand still.

Gibson BrothersGibson Brothers Gibson BrothersGibson Brothers











As the singer Peter Kingsbery of Cock Robin hits the stage, he first makes a bow to the audience to thank them for the overwhelming  welcome applause. The American band was formed in 1984 and is better known in Europe than in The States.  Recently, he added a keyboardist / vocalist to his team. She has an outstanding voice and everybody can witness this with for instance :  "The Promise You Made" .  Peter Kingsbery ’s voice did not get a scratch over the years and his performance takes us back to the legendary 1986 PINK POP edition in Holland with songs like :"When Your Heart Is Weak “ and “Thought You Were On My Side”.

Cock RobinCock Robin Cock RobinCock Robin











Coco Jr. is announcing  Dr. Alban  on the Marquee stage and accompany even as a DJ for Dr. Alban.  Dr Alban  is also accompanied by two dancers and a Female singer. It must say that this performance is not the best we ever had seen .The voices were not great, but the public appreciates his show.  Nevertheless, with hits like : “Let the beat go on”, "Look Who's Talking Now", “ It's my live” and “Sing hallelujah” , he managed to get the Party going on.

Dr. AlbanDr. Alban Dr. AlbanDr. Alban
















Then it's up to : “SNAP !”.  

Who is not familiar with that mega hit “The Power”. And power we get from them. What a strong powerful performance. Singer Penny Ford and the new Rap Star Benjamin Lowe let us hear all of their  golden oldies. “The Power”, “The First, The Last, Eternity” and off course "Rhythm Is A Dancer”.

Snap!Snap! Snap!Snap! Snap!Snap!


Billy Ocean is a truly a great  R & B singer.  He stopped singing and performing  for a long time in order to be able to see his children grow up. But his music is definitely not forgotten.

The Festival  field in front of the main stage is already packed. Billy Ocean seems to have a great time here. From the start until the end he is performing with a big smile on his face.

He asked the people to sing with him, dance with him and especially misbehave.

 “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going ", " Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”, “one of them nights” and “Loverboy”are just some of the many songs. The tribute to Bob Marley with “No woman, no cry” is also one of the many highlights.

Billy OceanBilly Ocean Billy OceanBilly Ocean












The Australian singer, actor and musical star: Jason Donovan is also not unknown to the masses.

There's even a fan in the audience with a complete scrapbook in his hands which contains the  whole career of Jason Donovan. For now, Jason is far from finished and sings passionately “Too Many Broken Hearts'', “Especially For You” and of course “Sealed With A Kiss”.

Jason DonovanJason Donovan Jason DonovanJason Donovan
















Time for a little bit rock. Despite the German lyrics , Nena  achieved even in America a No. 1 hit with “99 Luftballons”. Her latest CD “old-school” was released in February this year . Some of the songs she played are: "Nur geträumt '', “? (Fragezeichen) “,”Rette Mich”and " Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann “.

Off course  “99 Luftballons” is not missing on the set list. With this song, 2 huge balloons were thrown into the public. Hey, we are missing 97 balloons.













Despite the death of frontman Errol Brown on 6 May,  Hot Chocolate  decided to just keep going on. In Kennie Simon the band  found a good replacement. “You Sexy Thing”, “Girl Crazy”, “Every 1's A Winner” and  “It Started With A Kiss” bring us back to the 70s and 80s. It’s like Queen without Freddy Mercury, always difficult and you can’t forget Errol. But Kennie is doing a great job and his voice is almost the same as the voice from Errol.

Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate












The White Instruments of The Human League are beautifully lit by purple lights. Singer Phil Oakey is entering the stage in a long coat and with dark sunglasses on. He and his singers changes their clothes frequently during this performance. However  this does not reduce the speed of the show.  Many, many well-known songs are passing by. 

“Mirror Man”, “Love Action”, “The Lebanon”, “Being Boiled”, “Fascination”, “electric dreams” and  “Louise”. Even “Night People”, a more recent song from 2010 is played and it must say that this one is a truly typical League song even when there is a huge time-lapse between this one and the early ones.

A perfect headliner fort his beautiful  and well organized Festival.

The Human LeagueThe Human League

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Review: Monique Rijksen

Photos: Roger op den Camp 



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