Laibach 10-04-2016 Theaters Tilburg in cooperation with 013 Tilburg

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Laibach 10-04-2016 Theaters Tilburg in cooperation with 013


The controversial Slovenian band Laibach would perform everywhere to proclaim their vision and to hold up a mirror to people.

Laibach seeks the literally and figuratively borders in order to let them fade away as easy as that, in the most wide variety of places from the usual concerthalls to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, The Bozar Museum in Brussels, the Christuskirche in Bochum. Everywhere on the planet they cross borders from the USA to China to recently North-Korea and if there would be any kind of life on the moon they would go there, ‚on the dark side of the moon’ that is.











And tonight they arrived at Theaters Tilburg where music hall 013 turned to for this occasion. 

Also a quite unusual place to perform this part of the European tour which is linked to the ‚Sound of Music’ concerts which Laibach performed in North-Korea last year. Although ‚The Sound of Laibach Music’ would be a more appropriate name as Laibach turned these gentle sounding songs properly into Laibachian style.

From the start of the concert Laibach’s bombastic sound cast a dark shadow over the pure white interior of this theater.

And the audience, as always mostly dressed in black, behaved as an truly theater-audience. You could hear a pin dropped on the floor during the performance of the bombastic Olav Trygvason Poem as drummer Janez Gabric scratches a violin bow along the cymbals as if it was the sharp sound of the swaying swords as seen in the always impressive visuals on the big screens behind the band. The sword of King Olav 1 of Norway who in the year 1000 beheaded Norwegians during the bloody conversion to christianity. Recognizable? History repeats itself!















Songs like ,Now You Will Pay’ and ‚The Great Divide’ from the year 2003 let us embarrassingly remember the predictive ability of Laibach and still are aguishly up-to-date. They seamlessly connect to Laibach’s ‚Eurovision’ songs of last year’s and most current album Spectre.

The pre-recorded voice which welcomes the audience in the wrong city: „Hello Europe, Welcome Athens” sounds unfortunately very anguish because of the recent occurrences with refugees being sent back from Greece to Turkey.

The songs on the setlist are forecasting and contain a message of warning to mirror our own humanity but there are also songs full of hope and the need to keep dreaming to overcome the upcoming ,Dark Ages’.  











Of course the name of this tour ‚The Sound Of Music’ (which happens to be a very popular movie in North Korea) isn’t accidentally chosen. It tells the story of the family Von Trapp who escape from the war in Austria by foot across the mountains into Switzerland to freedom. Recognizable? History repeats itself!


As a surprise, guest-singer Boris Benko of the band Silence is even invited on stage to perform ‚Climb every Mountain’ and ‚Warszawskie Dzieci’ (about the children of Warsaw who fought during the Warsaw uprising in 1944)


The dark shadow which Laibach casted over the audience at the complete white theater will be gone tomorrow when there is some kind of funny musical or cabaret on stage of Theaters Tilburg but hopefully the message of Laibach’s ‚Eurovision’ will echo for a long time in the minds of tonights audience but more important:

hopefully the people take matters into their own hands through the stage made available by Laibach called ,The Spectre Party’ to which they invite the audience during the intermezzo: „We want you to join Spectre and support our Party!”…it’s not too late, „it’s never too late, let’s go!” 






Olav Trygvason Poem

Smrt Za Smrt

Now You Will Pay

The Great Divide





Do Re Mi


The Sound Of Music

Climb Every Mountain

Warszawskie Dzieci

We Are Millions And Millions Are One

The Whistleblowers

No History


Resistance Is Futile




My Favorite Things

B Machina

Opus Dei / Leben Heisst Leben


Review:  Bas Mercx

Photos:  Roger op den Camp




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